EXCLUSIVE: Ilene Chaiken in conversation with Rachel Shelley

EXCLUSIVE: Ilene Chaiken in conversation with Rachel Shelley

IC: There you are!

RS: Hi, Ilene, how are you? 

IC: It’s lovely to see you as well as hear you. 

RS: You too! It’s really nice to see you. How are you? How are you feeling? 

IC:  I’m well. I’m very well. I’m so happy to talk to you. I miss you. 

IC: Saw that! It’s fabulous. Thank you. That’s so great. 

RS: I have a million questions I could ask you, but let’s make this about DIVA… Ilene Chaiken, creator and showrunner of The L Word as well as Empire and The Handmaid’s Tale. [US viewers are] two episodes into the reboot, Generation Q. How are you feeling about it all? 

IC: [Laughs] Well, I’m thrilled to be back. I want to say, for the record, that I am not the showrunner of Generation Q, but still the creator. Yeah, it’s just great and bizarre and gratifying to be back, 10 years later. 

RS: Tell me, what does “Generation Q” mean? It wasn’t a term that I was that familiar with. I can take a guess, but…

IC: Well, I don’t actually think it’s a term. It’s made up. It’s a title, rather than a term. It’s a riff on all these other generations we have, none of which I can really keep track of. Generation X. Generation Q, obviously Q stands for queer, or at least suggests queer. I think it’s meant to say, firstly, the new iteration of the show is more inclusive. It’s LGBTQ and everything else. Secondly, it’s a new generation. 

RS: How did you feel, moving back into it? Revisiting the world again after 10 years? You shot in LA, so I presume it was a very different experience. 

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