How to motivate yourself over time?

Set a goal
How to motivate yourself over time ?

How to motivate yourself over time ?

Keep in mind all the benefits of physical activity

Physical activity allows you to keep better control over your weight and gain strength and energy. Moving more is also great for feeling good, keeping your spirits up and even having better self-esteem! Practiced in a group, physical activity is a very good way to bond with others. Practiced by taste, sport can even become a passion!

Should you set your goal? Set a goal

Set a goal

Set a goal

To be motivated (e) and stay there, nothing like to set a precise objective to thus have a goal towards which to advance. You can break your goal down into several small, easier-to-reach steps. On days when you have a small drop in motivation, think back to your end goal and the pleasure you will have in achieving it. Not sure how to set the right goal? Discover all our advice to get there.

How to motivate yourself ?

Plan your activity

How to motivate yourself over time? 1

A planner

When you have busy days, it’s not easy to find time to move. However, a few simple adjustments in your planning can change everything. By planning your physical activities in advance, you are sure to reserve the time you need to exercise. And to spare yourself a little time for yourself is quite pleasant, isn’t it? So to plan all of your activities for the week, use this planner.


Vary the activities so as not to get bored

To stay always motivated, alternate between different activities: walking, sporting activities, domestic activities (DIY, gardening, etc.). To discover new activity ideas, you can consult this catalog of physical activities . Also think of little tips to brighten up your practice:

  • Listen to music to make your walks or household activities more dynamic.
  • If you walk or run, change your route frequently.
  • Invite friends to share a moment of physical activity with you.
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How to motivate yourself: Stay positive in all circumstances!

Weather is not suitable for outdoor activities

Weather is not suitable for outdoor activities

Weather is not suitable for outdoor activities

Have you planned a jog but the weather is rainy? Never mind ! This is an opportunity to go swimming for a few laps. Are you keen on cycling but find it difficult in winter? If you are registered in a gym, you can exercise on an indoor bike. You can even do some gym exercises at home, by following an Internet video for example. There are a thousand and one ways to move while staying warm!

How to motivate yourself: Are you in a moody mood today?

How to motivate yourself over time? 2

People with sad and angry emojis illustration

The small strokes of the slack even reach the best of us! But remember: physical activity is good for morale. It’s a good way to let off steam or relieve the pressure and relieve the stress you may feel every day. It is also a moment that you take for yourself, a way of reconnecting with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You are not always diligent?

You have taken the good reflex to plan a time dedicated to your activity but you find it difficult to stick to it? Rest assured. It happens to everyone not to be able to stick to the schedule exactly. The reasons can be many and varied. A small illness, injury or imperative prevents you from doing your session? It does not matter ! The most important thing is to stay motivated and return to your sports routine as soon as possible.