Using your iPad or tablet in the Kitchen

Using your iPad or tablet in the Kitchen 1

Using your iPad or tablet in the Kitchen 2

These days I cook a lot of recipes from the internet.  In an effort to save paper and trees I used to get them up on my desktop screen, then make repeated sprints from the study to the kitchen with each stage of the recipe clutched very briefly in my dodgy memory banks.  18 months ago I finally invested in a laptop thus putting the screen in the kitchen with me, but it quickly became clear that this comes with a whole heap of potential for a very costly disaster.  A couple of near misses with liquid ingredients and the keyboard provided the perfect justification for the purchase of a new toy – my iPad.

In fact, there are good reasons for arguing that the kitchen should have it’s own dedicated iPad or tablet, for both the food blogger and the rest of the family. The tablet computers are a wonderful kitchen gadget, being smaller, cheaper and more streamlined, making them less likely to become victims of over-enthusiastic culinary flourishes, the batteries last for ages and there are plenty of uses for them besides the obvious access to online recipes.

They can do everything a fridge magnet or notepad does, acting as a message center for family members – all of whom will end up in the kitchen and usually sooner, rather than later.  They can act as a full reference library – whether searching for information for kid’s homework or tricky weight or measurement conversions for your recipe –  either by accessing websites or taking advantage of the zillions of apps that are now available.  Using it to access radio, television programs or talking books, the tablet can become the entertainment center for your kitchen.

For foodies or bloggers, there are a couple of features that are especially useful.  Taking the time to get to know a few of the recipe managing apps will make life in the kitchen far easier and by accessing YouTube you can follow a delicate cooking procedure step-by-step or even take a whole cooking class..  The camera’s in the new tablets are remarkable, able to make use of some of the clever photography apps available and invaluable for snapping each stage of that recipe you are so painstakingly developing.  Videos are the next big thing in food blogging so, with some help, you can use your tablet to film your procedure and upload it all on the one device.  Again, using an app, you can voice record all of your recipes without having to stop and wipe your hands before writing each step-down, saving yourself from forgetting a vital ingredient.

There are just a couple of things to consider to keep your tablet safe in the kitchen.

Using your iPad or tablet in the Kitchen 3

Protection –   Putting the tablet in a ziplock bag or wrapping in plastic wrap is a good idea in the absence of any other options – and the touch screen will still work – but investing in a silicon sleeve is inexpensive and the most practical solution.

Positioning – Most tablet covers and holders can be maneuvered to act as a stand, but it’s best, by far, to have the tablet at eye level.  Much less risk of accidentally knocking it over and so much better for your posture.  There are several wall-mounting kits available online and now some magnetic versions which would be perfect for mounting on the fridge – just ask Mr. Google.

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