Recipe Hamburger Buns

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Recipe Hamburger Buns 2

Don’t let barbecue season pass without trying these recipe hamburger buns. What’s a cookout without burgers, and what’s a burger without a really great bun?

Trivia: Seymour, Wisconsin has a Hamburger Hall of Fame and holds a Burger Festival every August.

You’ll find three recipes for hamburger buns on this page. One is made with a bread maker, and two by hand. The last recipe calls for healthy whole wheat flour.

Tip: Use this recipe to make hot dog buns too! Just shape them, well, like a hot dog bun.

Now, back to your recipes. Cooking perfect hamburgers is simple when you use the right tools.

1-first Recipe Hamburger Buns

2-Recipe Hamburger Buns

3-Recipe Hamburger Buns with Whole Wheat