Set the right goals

Set the right goals
Set the right goals

Set the right goals

Do you lack motivation to move more? Setting one or more goals is a good solution to motivate yourself and practice regular physical activity.

To practice more physical activity, it is important to set a goal. On days when you don’t have the guts to get started, this goal will remind you of why you decided to move more and give you the motivation you need.

  • Your goal should be clear, specific and achievable, preferably focusing on the activity itself rather than its outcome. Prefer for example a goal such as “I want to walk 20 minutes a day at a speed sufficient to be breathless”, rather than “I want to lose weight”.
  • Follow your progress by recording the duration and the daily or weekly intensity of your activity and note this data for a follow-up.
  • Congratulate yourself! Achieving this goal should be a reward in itself, and therefore be rewarding for you.

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Set the right goals: Divide the goal into several stages

To be sure you reach your overall goal, break it down into several small steps. Even the greatest marathoner started with short distances! To be in good health and improve your quality of life, it is recommended to practice at least 30 min of endurance physical activity (moderate and high intensity), 5 days a week or more. At the beginning, nothing forces you to do them all at once: you can for example cut them into 3 x 10 min or 2 x 15 min.

To help you, you can establish a weekly or monthly schedule. For example, your overall goal may be: “In 2 months, I will walk 30 min a day”. To get there, you can go through several stages: “the first week, I walk 10 min a day, at least 4 days, the next I spend 15 min, and the third I stay at 15 min but I do it all days… “

To go further, set yourself small challenges every day!

In everyday life, you can also set yourself small personal challenges! For example :

  • On Monday, you leave the elevator in favor of the stairs.
  • Tuesday, you get off a bus / metro station earlier.
  • On Wednesday, you will pick up your children from school on foot.
  • And so on until Sunday.

It’s up to you to see what motivates you the most and what you think you can achieve! For walking, you can equip yourself with a pedometer or a specialized application to monitor your daily activity.