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what is a Calzone and what is the difference between it and the Stromboli

what the difference between a Calzone and a Stromboli



Both calzones and stromboli are pizza derivatives. They utilize the same ingredients to achieve different versions of a sealed, portable pizza. There’s pizza dough, cheese, and fillings. Sometimes there’s sauce. We’ll get into that in a second. Here’s how they’re different.

The Sealing Technique

The major difference between a calzone and a stromboli is how they are sealed. If you wanted a very straightford comparison, here you go: a calzone is like a taco, and a stromboli is like a burrito. Tacos and calzones are always folded. Burritos and stromboli are always rolled. You seal a calzone by folding it in half and crimping the edges. You seal a stromboli by rolling it in a spiral and folding some extra dough back over the stromboli. Both get an egg wash to make sure the dough stays out.

The Shape and Size

The different sealing techniques mean that calzones and stromboli start as different shapes. When shaping dough for a calzone, you shape a circle. The folded circle creates a small half-circle. Calzones are generally single serving.


When you shape dough to make a stromboli, you shape an elongated rectangle. The rectangle is rolled to create a long, skinny, cylindrical pizza cigar. Stromboli is meant to be sliced for multiple people.

The Origin

Another difference is where they come from. Calzones are Italian. Actually, legitimately, 100%-certified, Italian. They originated in Naples as a casual, standing-on-the-street way of eating pizza, and they vary in terms of ingredients and techniques in different regions in Italy.

Stromboli is Italian-American. It originated in Philadelphia, from the depths of the Italian-heavy neighborhood of South Philly. It was named after the Italian Isle of Stromboli. On the Isle of Stromboli, there’s a giant volcano called Mt. Stromboli. If that doesn’t get you stoked to be alive, I don’t really think I can help you.

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